Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Is the whole world "failing" with science education?

I decided to get some "perspective' on US educational reform of science education by looking into German science education reform. And guess what the Germans say about science education in Germany...

Sputnik Moment 1957
Historic low teacher efficacy
Waning student motivation
System is failing

In other words, same shit, different language?

Considering what we know about growth mindsets now-a-days, I am beginning to suspect that education researchers have GOT to change their narrative on all this. Politicians are not saavy enough to engage teachers in change. All they can do is blame and try to legislate excellent teaching... which is absurd!

But these parallel conversations in a country that outperforms the USA makes me wonder about the bias of the tools used for comparison: namely TIMMS, PISA, and even the OECD nations international research apparatus.

We have a system and tools that appear to be very good at focusing people on negatives through peer comparisons. How about instead helping countries identify their strengths and their cultural funds of knowledge, and helping them use that to grow?

Politicians can't do this; they haven't the perspective or the expertise. The narrative shift has to come from the only international educational commonality: education research.

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